National Folk Museum of Korea

National Folk Museum of Korea
Education for Happy Children and Families
  • Program Learn the Traditional Moves
    Description This program for specific social groups (including the disabled) is designed to allow children to enjoy various folk game activities and folk culture experiences in a relaxing atmosphere.
    TEL : 02. 3704. 4530
  • Program Happy Meeting
    Description Carried out in connection with local children’s centers, the Happy Meeting program consists of traditional folk culture experience programs and fun folk games for children.
    TEL : 02. 3704. 4530
  • Program Children’s Hospital School
    Description Carried out in association with the Children’s Hospital School, this program consists of experience activities designed to allow children to appreciate and enjoy traditional folk culture freely.
    TEL : 02. 3704. 4529
  • Program Local Cultural Education
    Description This program is carried out by selecting a local organization to provide education on the theme of local culture. Lessons are designed to help children understand and experience the characteristics of local culture and traditional folk culture.
    TEL : 02. 3704. 4526
  • Program Mobile Children’s Museum
    Description The Mobile Children’s Museum program is carried out by the Museum’s bus. It provides children with experience activities based on the theme of time travel with toys, and runs education programs outside the museum in school times and inside the museum during vacations.
    TEL : 02. 3704. 4516