National Folk Museum of Korea

National Folk Museum of Korea

Our Vision and Mission

A Museum that Nurtures the Minds of Blossoming
Children, the Future of Our Culture
The Children’s Museum aims to provide a ‘positive environment’ in which children, who are the future of
our society and our culture, can grow as agents of our culture through a wide variety of cultural experiences.
  • Various
  • Free
  • Cultural

Our Key Tasks

  • To operate hands-on type
    exhibitions organized from
    the viewpoint of children.
  • To develop and distribute
    customized educational
  • To construct a global
    network for exchange and
  • To expand and improve the
    online and offline contents
    of the Children’s Museum.

‘Dreams’ of the Children’s Museum

  1. 1. We offer guided museum visits and educational programs to help children experience the joy of learning.
  2. 2. We are equipped with a system that ensures the safety and convenience of children while they are exploring the museum.
  3. 3. We offer comfortable spaces in which visitors can relax in perfect comfort.
  4. 4. We provide opportunities for children to come together in a natural environment with other children.
  5. 5. We offer enriching hands-on experience programs in which children can participate to satiate their curiosity and fulfill their desire to learn.
  6. 6. We organize a variety of exhibitions and systematically maintain and manage our exhibits and facilities in the optimum condition.